Skate Profile November 2018- DeeDee B.

NAME: Adeline (DeeDee) B.

Age: 15

Coach: Jaime Kalnicky

Level: Preliminary

Favorite Skaters: Nathan Chen, The Shibs

How I Started Skating:  I wanted to try something new, found love in skating, it gave me a way to express myself

Goals:  Keep testing to higher levels, get all my doubles, improve my spins

Hobbies: Basketball, Art, Traveling, Hiking

Memorable Moment: I Placed 1st at Ice in the Pines for my freeskate (2018), hard work pays off!

Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Strawberries
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Movie: Deepwater Horizon
Favorite Book: Hunger Games

DeeDee is a current member of DISCOA’s Jr Board.  She enjoys being on the board because it brings us closer as a skating community and she enjoys the philanthropy events the board participates in.

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