Skater Spotlight

NAME: Keira Liu

Age: 6

Coach: Kayluh Derzy, Danette Trett, Mark Fitzgerald

Level: FS4

Favorite Skaters: VIncent Zhou, Micha Tang, Nathan Chen, and Karen Chen

Favorite Moves:  Spiral, Scratch Spin

How I Started Skating: My mom threw me into the rink when I was two because she didn’t want to hold me anymore to watch my sister skating.

Goals: To land my axel before turning 7

Hobbies: Piano and ice skating

Memorable Moment: Won Cactus Classic (Basic 2) when I was 4

Something about your family: My mom and dad are engineers. My sister is a 3rd grader and she skates too.  I love my family.

Favorite Food: Watermelon
Favorite Color: purple and blue
Favorite Movie: Frozen
Favorite Book: The Rainbow Magic Fairy


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