Skater Spotlight!

NAME: Kate Liu

Age: 9

Coach: Kayluh Derzy, Danette Trett, Mark Fitzgerald

Level: Pre Pre FS, Pre MIF

Favorite Skaters: VIncent Zhou, Micha Tang, Nathan Chen, and Karen Chen

Favorite Moves:  Double Salchow, Double Loop Combo

How I Started Skating: Tried a Groupon

Goals: To take podium in regionals (and hopefully one day sectional and national!!)

Hobbies: Collecting rocks, badminton, signing and piano

Memorable Moment: Won first place on my frist competition and my sister also won first

Favorite Food: Italian, but I am Chinese
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Movie: The Witness (a Chinese movie)
Favorite Book: The Series of Unfortunate Events


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